Frequency asked questions!

Help! I can't walk through this mesh object!

There are a few issues that may cause this to occur. The first one is that the object was rezzed with improper physics settings.

More often than not, the issues is because the mesh object is set to "convex hull" as opposed to "prim" or "sculpty" (if you're using a third party viewer). The reason why it does this is that Second Life mesh objects can either have custom physics shapes uploaded with the mesh, or Second Life can make a very, very rough estimate of what the physics shape will be. When it is in Convex Hull, it's guessing, and it usually guesses in such a way that it stops you from interacting with a mesh object the way the creator intended.

Changing this to "prim" allows Second Life to use the shape the mesh creator uploaded with the mesh. The quality of this varies greatly, however, at Flea Yatsenko Industries we prioritize physics in order to prevent people from standing in the sky or standing inside of an object.

Sometimes, the "prim" option is missing. This is because there was an error uploading the mesh or the mesh has been corrupted. Please contact Flea Yatsenko so the issue can be resolved.

My mesh physics suddenly stopped working!

This frequently happens when there are problems with Second Life. Physics are calculated by the server and by Second Life. So, there are bad days in Second Life where you will just fall through mesh that worked perfectly fine a day ago. You may also find other odd things like objects being resized. If this happens to you, don't touch anything! Wait for Second Life to resolve the issue as it's an issue on their end.

The marketplace description said the perms were one way but I got them another

I'm really sorry, I'm really bad with permissions and no matter how often I check them before sending to the marketplace, I make errors. The way it shows up on the marketplace is the way they should be, so please contact Flea Yatsenko if something like this happens.

Do you do custom work?

No, I don't. However, I'm always looking for exciting new product ideas, so feel free to send me product ideas via IM or notecard in world. If I like it, I may turn it into a product. Being descriptive with what you would like to see when making the request will make sure you get a semi-custom product that is like you wanted.

Can I throw L$ at you and make you do fully custom work?

No. As you can tell from the FYI product line up, the creator is kind of laid back and just does what feels natural.

These are kind of prim heavy

Please see the guides for advice on how to get the most out of our builder's kits as well as how to reduce land impact.

These textures look too dark!

If you want textures to edit them for products, please contact me so we can take it on a case by case basis.

This FAQ didn't help me!

Please message Flea Yatsenko in world so we can fix the issue.