Step by Step Guide

  1. Select your product from the drop down.
  2. Select the strength of effect. Normal is realistic and higher values are stronger.
  3. Select the texture to apply ambient occlusion to from your computer.
  4. Press "Create AO Maps From Texture"
  5. Wait a bit as TAO-HD prepares your textures.
  6. Download the ZIP file TAO-HD has created for you.
  7. Extract the ZIP file with your favorite tool (I suggest Peazip or Winrar) to your computer.
  8. Upload the textures you want to use from your hard drive to SL. It cost L$10 per texture.
  9. Apply the properly numbered textures to the properly numbered pieces.


Welcome to TAO-HD, the Terrain Ambient Occlusion tool designed specially for [FYI] HD Mesh Terrain products! This tool allows you to upload a single texture you would like to use, and then it applies high quality, high definition ambient occlusion to each piece in the kit you've selected using the texture you've selected. It then provides you with an easy to download zip file of each texture applied to each piece's ambient occlusion. You can then extract the archive and bulk upload to Second Life.

If you want to purchase more HD Terrain Kits, you can do so at the [FYI] Store in the HD Terrain Department.

Some pieces are not shaped in a way that they will make very distinct ambient occlusion. This is normal and it is up to you to choose if you would like to use the textures. Please understand that TAO-HD may not have the desired effect (it may be too weak) but the ambient occlusion/shadow maps have been generated from accurate simulations.

1. Select Product to Apply Texture to:

2. Strength of effect:

3. Texture to Apply Ambient Occlusion to

4. Create ZIP file containing images of the texture you selected with ambient occlusion and shadowmaps.
After you submit your file, TAO-HD will apply ambient occlusion to the texture you uploaded to each piece in the kit's texture. From here, you can unzip the archive to a directory and then bulk upload the files in that directory.

Use of TAO-HD is included in your purchase of HD Mesh Terrain Kits, however you may be subject to additional fees, such as the L$10 upload fee that Second Life charges. FYI only provides the service of applying ambient occlusion and shadowmaps to products for use in Second Life, and can not be held responsible for other costs associated with using this tool.